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Step 0: Prepare digital data

First, prepare digital photo data of you for your ID / passport photo.

The original data for ID and passport photo

Step1: Upload your file

Upload your file as:

step 1 of IDphotoGenerator

Step2: Rotate your photo and select size

If necessary, (1) rotate the photo, and then (2) select the mode.

step 2 of IDphotoGenerator

Step3: Select a region

Select a region. Please make sure that the cropped photo meets the requirements of the ID / passport photo. It is strongly recommended to check the official site before this step.

If selection area is not activated (this sometimes happens when using IE), refresh the page (press F5 button).

step 3 of IDphotoGenerator

Step4: Save your file

Save the generated file. Please note that the photo data is automatically deleted several times a day, so be sure to save your file in your local drive.

step 4 of IDphotoGenerator

Done! Print the file

300 dpi is the best resolution for printing the file.

Done! ID photo by IDphotoGenerator

Cut your photo (IDphotoGenerator)

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